Architectural Etchings

Manchester Northern Quarter

Every city has its iconic buildings and architectural features. Looking up and appreciating these qualities is important to my work. As the city is ever changing and constantly developing I worry that people rushing around the city whether it’s on the way to work, shopping, texting on their phones, listening to music, never actually look up and see the work of artists and craftsmen that enhances the buildings the city. Old Manchester and the buildings that have survived wars, decades of renovation and regeneration – these buildings have stood the test of time and should be celebrated!

I often spend my weekends sketching in Manchester even sitting in coffee houses sketching the buildings I can see through the windows. So far I have spent some time in and around Victoria Station, Piccadilly Station, the Royal Exchange Theatre, the John Rylands Library, Barton Arcade, Oxford Road/Street, the Palace Hotel, the Midland Hotel and meandering around the Northern Quarter capturing as many intricate features which make these buildings so unique.

I will sketch first and then create an etch and then a series of prints. There are many other areas yet to be explored and it seems every day I spot something new to capture. As the etching process is quite long and complicated I am not sure there is an end to this project, it could even be life-long! 

I hand print of all my etchings in small batches at Hotbedpress Printmakers Studio. Get in touch if you're interested in purchasing.

Manchester Palace Hotel - Tile

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The Manchester Bee 'Bee Proud' etching print

Hebden Bridge Canal ~ Etching with collage